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Daniel M. Hilty was born and raised in rural Indiana in an Old Order Amish Community. He lived the simple lifestyle, NO modern conveniences of electricity, radio, television, telephones, running water, indoor plumbing, cars and etc. for 23 years. It was a simple and strict upbringing and means of transportation were by horse and buggy, farming with horses and horse drawn equipment, milking was done by hand, lighting was by kerosene lamps and etc. He was raised on a 100 acre farm that was almost self efficient, raising all the crops, vegetables, milk straight from the cows and etc. It was hard work getting up at 5am to milking the cows and chores in the morning and working in the fields until dusk in the eve. Daniel was taught to be honest, hardworking, using good morals, strong principals when dealing with people. He has carried these values into his adult life and into his practices of today.

Daniel was forced to drop out of school in the 9th grade to help his family work the farm. Higher education in the Amish Community is not important because the children are needed to work the farms or earn incomes to help support the families. After leaving the Amish Community, Daniel did go back to school and received his GED in 1981. After completing his GED, Daniel attended Purdue University in 1983 and received a 4-year degree in Landscape Architecture. He had to work to support himself throughout college, while carrying 13 to 21 credit hours per semester. It was challenging, but nonetheless Daniel did finish his degree in 4-years and graduated from Purdue University in 1987.

Daniel practiced Landscape Architecture in both Florida and Colorado from 1987 to 1994. In both Florida and Colorado, he designed and supervised numerous projects from residential homes, baseball complexes, parks, courtyards, and etc. He has the knowledge and expertise to help his clients see the potential of a home and give professional landscape advice. He has a keen eye for the potential of even the most distressed and dilapidated properties.

Daniel became a licensed Real Estate Broker in 1994 and has been doing real estate ever since. He is a member of the Denver Board of Realtors and has won top producing agent awards during his real estate career. He has become well known and respected in the real estate community and prides himself on repeat clients and referrals. He is an aggressive and attentive agent, whom listens to his client's, wants and needs and has the patience to find his clients the ideal home. Even though Daniel is aggressive, he is not a ' pushy' agent! Daniel is very attentive and detailed oriented during contract negotiations and contractual fulfillments. It is of importance to Daniel to have satisfied clients. He still utilizes his talents and his values from his childhood upbringings into his professions today. His strong ethics and his determination to succeed are strong traits and make him the person he is today. After all, where he is from contracts were done by handshake and your word meant everything. Of course, Daniel realizes that is not possible in today's real world where contracts between parties have to be reduced into writings.

Daniel has no regrets with the choices he has made throughout his life; it has been a challenging journey that continues, with him exploring new innovations in real estate, using the latest technology, being computer savvy and utilizing effective marketing skills. Daniel's real estate philosophy is a total team effort. He partners with the best in the business, when it comes to home buying and working with his Preferred Partners, whether assisting in getting the best mortgages for his clients, to moving companies, or cabinetry, roofing, mechanical and etc. His business is a 1 stop shopping experience for the consumer. Daniel will continue to modify and make necessary changes as technology changes and expands and marketing conditions change. One thing you can count on Daniel at all times, is to give you the honest information upfront.