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"Daniel is an amazing realtor. He works extremely hard for his clients and he will never let you down. You won't be let down when you work with Daniel."

Dave Cook, Mortgage Banker, Cherry Creek Mortgage

"I wanted to let you know how greatI feel about how you handling our daughter's condo sale. Taking this  to a regular sale situation during a recession is fantastic. I know we originally talked about a short sale and it is so nice Sara's credit won't be compromised due to your remarkable marketing skills and making this a normal sale in a very small time frame too. I wish you continued success in real estate. Those you work for and with are very fortunate."


"Now that the deal is completed thanks again for putting it together for Sara. This is a much nicer outcome than I had first imagined. You are a real asset to the profession...really caring about people is a key to your success."

Will Ensslin (Sara's dad), Denver, CO

" I have known Daniel Hilty since March of 1996 when he sold me an investment property that was close to Foreclosure. I picked it up at a bargain.

Since then, Daniel has been my sole broker - for buying and selling property.

Daniel is a very conscientious real estate agent, always making sure to cross the I's and dot the T's on all the paperwork, from the initial contract to the Closing Statements, and ensuring that things are done within the deadlines.

Where a number of other brokers are concerned with producing a sale, often making a myriad of mistakes in the paperwork, doing slap-dash labor - and not caring about the Client after closing, Daniel is a true professionals that you can count on. Once you do a deal with Daniel, it is almost certain you'll go back to him when you have to buy or sell again."

Del R. Carnes, Arvada, CO

"Daniel is an awesome realtor! Savvy with both home sales and buys. He is very organized, has all the paperwork place very efficiently, and helped me with it. He provided excellent recommendations and ideas throughout the process. Both my recent purchase and sale went very quickly, closed per plan with no last minute issues. He is easily available and responsive by phone, email, texting, etc. He helped me find contacts to respond to inspection actions, and repairs in preparation for selling. I hope I never have to use another realtor!"

Linda Cummiskey, Highlands Ranch, CO

"Daniel Hilty has been a great realtor to deal with. I found his name on the internet when looking for a realtor and he furnished a fair market appraisal with no strings attached. When it  was time to sell the house, I listed with Daniel. He has been superb through the whole process, the communication is great and he is very thorough and attentive details. We are closing in a few days with no hitches. Thanks Daniel."

Don Osborn, Estes Park, CO

"Daniel Hilty is not just a real estate agent interested in getting to a closing. He is truly interested in getting you into the home of your dreams. I have been involved with Daniel on the inspection side of the transaction. Sometimes the home selected by the buyer has a lot of hidden problems. Daniel does not minimize these issues. He will fight to get you the best deal you can get. If the deal does not go through he moves on to find you a better home. As anyone looking for a home in this market knows, the process can be long and frustrating. Daniel always seemed calm and grounded with the end goal in mind."

Chuck Jones, Owner Mile Hi Inspections

"We met Daniel Hilty the very first week we moved to Colorado. We were transferred to Denver with my husband's job and thought we'd check out an open house. Daniel was the representing agent. The home was WAY out of our budget but Daniel was such a pleasure and made us feel very welcome. He showed us the gorgeous downtown Denver home and we exchanged information. Months later we were serious about looking for a home to purchase and our friends recommended their agent. So we made the mistake of thinking that their agent would be a good fit for us too. He wasn't and we were held to an exclusive we signed with him. The good news is, Daniel kept in touch with us, even after knowing we had purchased a home with this other agent. Which showed us what a class act Daniel is. We'd receive very professional and kind HAND WRITTEN (who does that anymore) cards in the mail. And he would also email me once in a while to see how we were doing. So when it came time to selling our home, we were MORE than thrilled to be able to speak to Daniel. We did our due diligence this time and interviewed a couple of top rated agents. Daniel was among the three we interviewed but Daniel immediately stood out from the rest. He was the MOST PREPARED. He came with the correct and most recent comps in the area. He gave us a healthy yet not overwhelming amount of USEFUL information. He even talked us into selling our home for higher than we anticipated and higher than any other agent we spoke to wanted to - that was a wonderful surprise! He KNEW THE MARKET. And he didn't take advantage of the fact that we didn't. Upon hiring Daniel, he CONTINUALLY rose to the occasion. He LISTENED. He took the time to understand what we wanted, what we needed and he met us there every step of the way. Buying and or selling a home isn't easy. Even in a strong market. But to be able to TRUST our agent when things weren't exactly going smoothly, was the single most important component to our experience. Daniel is also a WONDERFUL communicator. He did NOT leave us in the dark about anything and he always gave us ALL of our options and then allowed us space to decide what worked for us. Daniel's EXPERIENCE, patience, and his extremely high bar of conduct and ethical standards (can NOT say that about most agents) are why we would hire him in a heart beat again! We not only respect him as a KILLER agent, but also as a wonderful human being."

Jennifer Sabounchi and Kevin Abab

To Whom It May Concern:

"We were starting to look for a home that would better suit us. We started to look in 2004, but were not satisfied with the realtor so we decided to wait. The following year 2005 we got another realtor but that also did not work for us. In 2006 friends of ours stated that they had a realtor that their whole family has used for years. Well at this point we deduced to give it a try. We were never impressed with any realtor till we met Daniel. We have bought and sold homes several times. We had never encountered the professionalism, honesty, dependability and most of all the knowledge that Daniel provided us. When selling and buying a new home the experience can be very stressful. You really come to depend on your realtor. Daniel was always very helpful and we never had any stress in the transaction. We highly recommend hime to all our friends. They in turn have the same feelings that we do."

Robert DeGennaro and Susanne DeGennaro, Littleton, CO

"We have known Daniel Hilty both professionally and personally for thirty years. Early into our relationship with Daniel we recognized the pride and professionalism he took in being a Realtor. Needless to say when the opportunity presented itself Daniel represented us as both a seller and buyer in several real estate contracts. He is meticulous with all transactions, providing the Title Companies with all the necessary documents to close the deal. He is very dedicated, honest and a pleasure to work with."

Al and Barb Gaube, Centennial, CO

"My family and I want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication...I want others to experience your professionalism services...Genuine professionalism and consistent help made us realize once again that Dan had not only become our dedicated realtor, but a friend...We are grateful to have met Dan for he will give his all to help and highly doubt anyone has ever been disappointed...."

Thank you so Much!

Sincerely, Alan and family

Alan Sturm and family, Thornton, CO

Hi my name is Hermes,

 One day in the afternoon, I went to an open house and there I met Mr. Daniel Hilty, who was selling that house for $355,000. I started talking to him about my situation with wanting to buy a house before because I couldn't since other realtors would say that the certain houses I wanted were too expensive. Some of them even laughed at me. Some lenders had qualified me for just $170,000 , but since I met Mr. Daniel, he offered me the house that he was selling at the time and I said,"Are you kidding me or are you laughing at me?'', and then he said , " No", as he smiled at me with pleasure and I responded that, "nobody had qualified me more than $170,000 and you are offering me a house that's more expensive than the bank is offering me." And then he gave me his business card telling me to call him saying, " Let's go see what I can do for you". I waited two weeks to call him back. Ever since I made that decision, he started looking for the right lender for me. Finally, we had the money and then we started looking at the houses that my wife and daughter had gotten interested in. Now, I have the house of my dream all because of Mr. Daniel, who is one of those people who has enough experience and who will never give up because his satisfaction is what his clients wants. I told him thank you for accomplishing my dream. I recommend to anyone who is interested in buying a house, to call Mr. Daniel and he will achieve your dream into a reality.

 Sincerely, Hermes

Hermes Cabrera, Aurora, CO

"Daniel sets the example when comparing Broker expertise, knowledge, results, and integrity - actually there is no comparison. If you are searching for the best in Colorado, there can be only one choice - Daniel Hilty. I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone searching for a Broker."


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Tim Oxley, Aurora, CO

"Daniel Hilty is the most honest and hardworking person I know. When my daughter and her husband were looking for a new home he was the only realtor who really listened to what she wanted. Thanks to Daniel they were in a new home in record time. We think Daniel is the greatest."

Kathy Post, Denver, CO

"Barbara and I just want to thank your your preserving. When things got a little tough for use hung in therewith us, never said a discouraging word, just smiled and kept working with us. Wee thank you for your encouraging words. I'm glad God put you in our path 20 + years ago. When we ask a question, you answer. You were always there for us and we couldn't ask for a better realtor. As I have always said you are the best. You are always smiling. If someone asks, do I know a good realtor? I will answer with a smile, yes I do. I will give them your phone number. you did so much for use just can't thank you enough. Thank you Daniel! May God Bless and Keep you." 

Lavern and Barbara Clardy

"We have known Daniel for more than ten years. Daniel is one of the most trustworthy and loyal individuals that we have ever met. Daniel is dependable if he tells you something you can be sure of its accuracy. His knowledge of the Real Estate market is much more extensive than most Brokers, he has a vast knowledge of the financial market and how your loan can best be acquired to fit your personal needs and if Daniel can't do this personally he certainly will not hesitate to put you in touch with one of the many experts that make it their business to answer all your questions and take you through all the financial steps. Daniel will stay with you from start to finish, he strives to make acquiring real estate a pleasant experience. If you do not choose Daniel for your Real Estate Broker, we can assure you that it is your loss. Daniel is the BEST!"

JoAnn Sansen and Cindy Lambert, Aurora, CO

"As a recent homebuyer having owned several previous homes (and using as many brokers) I would say that Daniel Hilty is by far the best Real Estate Broker available. I recently purchased as short sale property and now understand how much work Daniel put into the purchase of my home. Daniel's job included representing the dear old woman who lost her home, negotiations with the first and second mortgage banks, which were losing $68,000 combined, as well as representing me. As dynamic and complicated as this purchase could be Daniel got the home purchase closed in 4 months, which is as fast as any short sale to date. The patience and dedication needed with short salsas beyond most people's abilities and schedules; many buyers tend to maven to properties needing much less attention and shorter time line. I knew that this home was my first choice but realized that I might lose the home if the closing were to take 6 months to one year which can happen, Daniel got it done. At my request, the negotiations between the two banks also included Daniel convincing the banks in giving me $5,000 credit towards closing costs. The banks allowed this to happen: again, a credit to my brokers experience, abilities and attention to details. I would recommend Daniel Hilty to any buyers and sellers for all real estate needs. I have come to consider Daniel a friend and wholeheartedly recommend him as a broker to my friends and family."

Ned Collins, Aurora, CO

"From the day we met Daniel, until the final moment of selling our property, he fostered our home-selling experience with kindness, expertise, diligence and integrity. No matter whether it was carefully and knowledgeably answering a myriad of questions regarding our hopes and fears as first-time sellers over the phone, to meeting up with sat our home, per our requested at our convenience, Daniel was always willing to accommodate our needs, going way beyond the typical call of duty for a real-estate agent. Additionally, he was consistently conscientious, timely and thorough about every detail of contracts and deadlines, always putting us at ease that we were in good hands and that things were moving along quickly as possible. I have no doubt we will continue to stay connected with Daniel as we move into new home buying and selling situations, as he genuinely possesses all of the qualities one hopes to find in an agent."

Azar Kohzadi, Denver, CO

"Daniel is the best realtor ever! He has helped us buy/sell several homes & he always goes above & beyond to make things go smoothly. Our daughter has had great experiences having Daniel to take care of her real estate transactions as well. Daniel is a superb realtor but he has also become a wonderful friend as well." 

Shahrokh Kohzadi and Beverly Kohzadi, Denver, CO

"Hi Mr Daniel Good morning thank you for great job you have done for me for the pass months for looking into homes,everything smoothly you have been great help you are more than a realtor and I respect you for that your kindness and your costumer services is very drive me to anywhere I have go especially the bank I never forget may the Good Lord grant you Grace in any that will do in your business thank you so much god richly bless"

Doris Achamfour, Denver, CO

"Everett met Daniel in mid 1994 while looking to purchase a home. He was very professional and trustworthy in facilitation of what would later be two properties. His moral and ethical counsel and sound contributions aided in the facilitation of Said properties helped in a smooth environmental living situation of the areas mentioned. Thus in 2001 Daniel facilitated us in a purchase of our third property. His outstanding sense of detail and personal professionalism gives Daniel Hilty our highest recommendation. Through the years, being counseled on matters of real estate of sorts, Daniel has become a good friend and an extremely competent advisor. Oksana and me are proud to bear witness to the profound professionalism and integrity of Mr. Daniel M. Hilty."

Everett Borders, Denver, CO

"Nearly every day since the expedient sale of our former house to the thoughtful purchase of our beautiful new home, My husband and I have sighed with relief and have spoken of how fortunate we were to have had the opportunity to go through both processes with such an excellent agent, Daniel Hilty. We had no idea how many details were involved in the process, and how crucial it is to have an agent who is honest, thorough, meticulous and committed to their clients' best interest. Unfortunately, throughout the process, we encountered other agents who fell short in many of those areas, and each time we peered into the other side, we became increasingly relieved we had Daniel by our side. I cannot say enough about the excellent job Daniel did for us, always making sure we felt comfortable, never urging us to move in one direction or the other and always sticking by us, even after the close of sale. We are now in the home of our dreams and will continue use Daniel as our agents years to come, as we move into new phases of our lives. Honestly, it is rare I can make a recommendation with 100 percent confidence, but that is undoubtedly the case with Daniel, as I want my friends and family to have as great of an experiences my husband and I encountered in our real estate process."

Azar Kohzadi and Jeffrey Ritter, Denver, CO

"My wife and I would like to acknowledge what a great experience we had buying a home with Daniel Hilty. We had met with two different realtors before we came to Daniel. With one of them we felt an enormous amount of pressure to sign a contract with him and to hurry up and find something, with the second we felt like we were on his schedule. Not the case with Daniel. We both felt immediately he was on our side and genuinely wanted us to be content with the home we would find. He is a great listener and found homes to look at based on our preferences. He worked around our schedules which often was late in the evenings (even in extreme weather and traffic). We did not feel any pressure to find a home in a hurry or that he was trying to get us into something we were not comfortable with.

We were very naive to the whole process of buying a home as well as to how the Denver market ran. Daniel spent numerous hours explaining how this complicated market works and how we could get the most for our money. We felt like we had a real ally. A large amount of what Daniel did for us was above and beyond what his job description as a realtor was. Through this journey of finding our dream home we also found a friend. Our closing was flawless thanks to him staying on top of potential problems.

We have found our dream home in a great neighborhood where we are confident our children will thrive, Daniel was a huge part of the deal we got. I will be referring anyone in the market to buy or sell a home to Daniel Hilty for numerous reasons."

Thank you Daniel from our whole family,

Calder and Shawna Darling

Calder and Shawna Darling, Denver, CO

"Daniel is  highly dedicated, successful Realtor and is extremely knowledgeable about the marketing Denver and Colorado. He works tirelessly to serve his clients and help them find the home of their dreams. I would recommend Daniel all day long to anyone who wants to sell their home or buy a home. Daniel cares about his clients and makes sure he takes good care of them!"

Linda Reed, Denver, CO

"Over the past few years, Daniel has helped us buy and sell multiple homes. He was responsive to every request and it always felt like he was working only for us. He was more than willing to show any property I requested, even if if didn't fit my criteria and he introduced us to the neighborhood we now call home."


Top Qualities:Great Results, Personable, High Integrity 

Jody Rucinski, Littleton, CO

"I was looking for a Miracle and doing my best to believe Miracles happen during 2011. My name is Cyd. Going through a separation, dealing with the mortgage scams of the time, being a product of the housing market crash and completely broke, I found the Miracle I was looking for by sheer chance - just like you have now! My real-life Angel and friend, Daniel Hilty, gave me hope and kept me motivated; he never gave up even though I did. I speak of him in terms of endearment and hand out his business cards every chance I get.

Daniel's real estate experience is irrefutable and awe-inspiring. Combined with his expert knowledge of the real estate industry, mortgage products, network professionals necessary when buying and selling homes, government subsidies and other housing programs, Daniel is the only professional I will refer to friends, family and strangers. As the only real estate agent I will call upon to represent me, Daniel is honorable and has his client's best interest in mind during every step of the way all the while practicing good-will and integrity for all parties involved.

Once again, most recently, I made a call to Daniel to buy my next home. With his counsel and patience during a season where there is a shortage of affordable homes, Daniel came shining through with his remarkable real estate wisdom. I ended up with a perfect house, in a wonderful neighborhood and with instant equity the minute he closed the deal. Look him up and call him, he'll do it for you too."

Cydeen Allen

"Daniel is the best agent you could get, has helped me tremendously for almost 20 years! I would never hesitate to recommend to anyone! A no BS honest guy with tons of integrity!"

Christian Schwarz, Aurora, CO

"I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel for the past few years. There are a lot of players in the real estate market, but what sets Daniel apart is his vast experience, networking and unparalleled knowledge in the real estate market. Daniel has opened doors for hundreds of customers (no pun intended) to make them feel comfortable with the buying and selling process and creating a positive experience, which defies the hassle of the monster known as "REAL ESTATE." I look forward to working with you over the next few years ahead."

Jayson Remillard, Wholesale/Multi-Family Manager, Appliance Factory Outlet